A dream of a thousand days

She falls in a deep slumber, in a far far away spot in the realm of Hypnos,
suddenly her home turns into a palace with a high crystal dome and rich
ornaments on the walls…

Her long hair falls from the bed growing deep into the dream transforming into the roots of gigantic trees that form a forest,
then her hair becomes green almost blue,
this colour shines surrounding the forest,
from above the forest she can see a path amidst the trees,
a long, long path that disappears as far as the eye can see,
and then she sees him approaching,
walking the lonely path just beneath her,
she feels happy because for a long time she has waited for him to arrive but fears that he will only exist as long as her dream continues…

· this two images belongs to a series of drawings i made as part of a short story, but i never finished it, hopefully one of this days

· variation of the first image, “Sigrid in a dream”

all images and texts, by Víctor Yáñez


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