Earlier drawing of “the Witch” character, worked on this one two years ago but finally remembered to upload it. Pencil sketch based in an old photomanipulation i made about 6 years ago, scanned and coloured in photoshop, also i wrote this fragment of text as part of this series of illustrations.

mirage 3   mirage 2    mirage 5   mirage 4Full of stars

Full of starsMirage fullMirage IV-bw

“Particles of dust and electric blue rays of light, then green grass and crystalline drops of water, that was the first images that she saw, her deep blue eyes were finally open, her beautiful face was framed by her long black hair.

While she was standing up slowly, she felt like if all the ground was moving, alive, like if the whole grass mat was breathing beneath her feet.

Trees were moving as she walked, all the place was moving with the rithym of her breathing.

She was confused, in this world a place where its easy to get lost, falling into a deeper dream and get lost again in another dream, dreaming within dreams…”


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