Svart Draken


The idea for this illustration has been around my head since 1994, i made the first sketch in 1995 and the forgot about it, until 2010, when i reworked the idea.

Svart Drake is the main combat mecha (Kriegskellet) of the Koraz Empire, designed to engage in combat with 2 or 3 enemy mechas simultaneously, for that reason it was made with four arms, so it can handle twice the weaponry compared to normal mechas, it has two fixed rapid fire plasma cannons in the main arms, and two smaller arms with manipulators to handle a variety of  weapons, like machine guns and rifles.

The cannons and the  powerful radar are optimized to take down enemies at large distances and the Svart drake is agile and fast to figth at short range, it is equipped with experimental techonologies like the thermo-chromatic skin covering the armor, that changes of colour automatically to camouflage itself with the surroundings.

Captura de pantalla 2015-09-29 a las 21.39.53The Svart Drake has many limitations too, it is not very resistant because the armor was sacrificed in order to make it fast, agile and able to carry many weapons. Another interesting feature is that a small flying drone can be attached to the back of the mecha, the drone can fly autonomously to search for enemies and send the information to the Svart Draken, so it can attack beyond visual range.

Svart Draken kit box
Svart Draken 1/100 scale kit box

Captura de pantalla 2015-09-29 a las 23.31.38 Detalles1 Detalles2 Detalles3 Proceso RodillaArmor



One thought on “Svart Draken

  1. […] The crew consist of three, pilot, navigator (radar specialist) and gunner , the fisrt two go in tandem seats and the gunner (commander) has a seat next to them. In the rear there is a toilet a small oven and a bed for resting during long missions. The cockpit of this lethal machine is protected by a very thick armor that has survived to direct hits from heavy cannons of enemy kriegskellets like the Svart Draken. […]

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