About Me

Hello my name is Víctor, following my dreams is my passion and drawing is like giving life to dreams, i am specially interested in drawing robots and mechanical things, in this blog i post some of my personal projects and the things that became inspiration, music, travelling, taking photographs, watching airplanes, model kit building. All the pictures and drawings in this site are made by me, if you like to use them please contact me first, thanks!

samurai complete

If you want to say hi or talk with me, email me to: ferkad@yahoo.com




19 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks for following the MECHA CATALOGUE, appreciate it! And by the way, awesome work on the LED Mirage… it’s one of those kits that I probably won’t touch due to the skill level it requires. XD

    1. Thanks for visiting, and you should try to build a Led mirage, the injection kit must be as difficult as a gundam master grade, the resin kits are more difficult than this one.

      1. I’ve always wanted to build an FSS kit, though the more work required to do one doesn’t exactly jive with my schedule at the moment. Nevertheless, it’s still in my pipeline.

      2. FSS´s Mortar headds are my favorite of all japanese mecha, it´s worth the time invested in building one, i´m working in another one but i also need time to finish it, thanks for stopping by.

  2. Thank you for checking out my post on Aberlour A’bunadh Single Malt. If you like Scotch be sure to take a look at my post on Bruichladdich Port Charlotte.


    Be seeing you …

  3. Woooow, la verdad es que me sorprendiste, se me hace increible tu trabajo, hoy solo te puedo decir que te admiro como siempre

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