Черный призрак

Черный призрак (Black Ghost), Is part of a long time personal project, i have made many sketches of different mecha that i´ve been drawing for years but haven´t finished, now that i have been practicing more and improved a little in digital painting i will be working on other models and slowly will be posting more of these machines and parts of the story.

I made this original mecha design inspired by all the cool japanese robots from animation and videogames that i have seen since i remember, speacially, Macross, The five star stories and Gundam.


Chiornii prizrak-B

Черный призрак is the main mecha used to combat the Koraz Empire, it was made with long and strong arms capable to handle many different types of weapons.


Proceso Detalles2

Tlaloc Codex MMXIV

tlaloc3I made this Illustration for a T-shirt design contest, the design had to be a vector illustration limited to only five colours. I made a free interpretation of the aztec god Tlaloc, i drew this god as a woman and gave her an armor instead of clothes but i tried to keep some icons from the original representations, like the snake.


tlaloc sketchtlaloc vector tracingtlaloc eyestlaloc snaketlaloc earringtlaloc breasttlaloc glaze

Tlaloc  was an important deity in Aztec religion; a god of rain, fertility, and water. He was a beneficent god who gave life and sustenance, but he was also feared for his ability to send hail, thunder, and lightning, and for being the lord of the powerful element of water.

Mechanische Insekten

Mechanical·Insect Suprakymera
Mechanical·Insect Suprakymera Mk.II

I´ve been working on a short sci-fi story about a scientist that is trapped in a ship that is lost adrift in the outer space and the ship is infested with mechanical insects of unknown origin, as the ship travels the robotic insects slowly eat the ship and the scientist desperately looks for a way to survive.

So far i have made several illustrations in different moments, actually i started with one drawing and then the idea started to grow and take form, when i began to write i made some other sketches, here you can see some of them.

head detail   Mechanical insect traceSuprakymera Mk. IIinsect detail InfrascorpioInfrascorpioHuman soldierDetailsuprakymeraHypermosquito

Giger Bar (Chur)

DSC01310 copia

I took these pictures some months ago in my visit to the Giger Bar in the city of Chur, Switzerland,  the pictures are not really good but i enjoyed a lot being there, i have admired Giger´s artwork since i remember so it was incredible for me, to be there and experience that place, you can  find the famous Harkonnen chair originally designed for the movie Dune, also there are many interesting details and drawings all over the place but my favorite part was the intricate and beautifully designed metal plates in the floor.

Here you can read more about the bar and find good pictures. http://www.hrgiger.com/barchur.htm


DSC01335 DSC01333 DSC01318 DSC01304 DSC01332 DSC01312

Tonalpohualli 13

Tonalpohualli 13
This is the second CD I was commissioned to design which was released in 2010. Tonalpohualli 13 “A Mexican Ambient Compilation” which features music from 4 talented bands: Arkhanoth, Whispers of Ghosts, Theomorphosys and X-17. As the title suggests the music in this compilation explores musical ambients with dark tones, some prehispanic sound elements and some electro.


I was asked to make an illustration of space and stars to be used as the background for the inner pages; this was all drawn using Photoshop. I also worked on the cover and general design of the album.

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Whispers of ghosts – The coldest place

The Coldest Place

This was the first album I designed which was a very interesting project. Whispers of Ghosts is the musical project of Israel Valladares – his debut album in 2008, “The coldest place” is an atmospheric album with neo-classical influences, full of dark ambients and imaginative landscapes inspired by nature and introspection.
whispers of ghosts, the Coldest Place

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