Drawing passionates me as much as listening to music, it is one of the main influences on my work, music is the most abstract of  arts, it takes me to different landscapes, real and surreal, future and past, takes me to the deepest of my mind were i can explore ideas, feelings, memories and forms and i try to translate that, as lines on a white paper were i have absolute freedom.

for some time i´ve been thinking in making a series of illustrations based or inspired by songs, i´ve choosen the album “Passage” by swiss band Samael, this is one of my favorite albums, it has a unique and great sound it´s an amalgamation of symphonic black metal and industrial music and beautiful lyrics that explores spiritual growth and knowledge, love, our link with the universe and all living beings, among other themes.

moonskin sketchI don´t have enough free time for working in this illustrations so i started with one, i choosed Moonskin because the lyrics are beautiful and powerful, my illustration is just a tribute to the song, my personal interpretation of what i imagined when i started drawing and listened to the song.

moonskin s5Passage is a very interesting metal album, heavy, rhythmic and beautiful, there is also a piano version of the album were you can listen  clearly to the complex melodies. Hope you like this drawing and also try to listen to the album probably you´ll find it interesting too, anyway life is about experimenting and try new things, share and enjoy.

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Tonalpohualli 13

Tonalpohualli 13
This is the second CD I was commissioned to design which was released in 2010. Tonalpohualli 13 “A Mexican Ambient Compilation” which features music from 4 talented bands: Arkhanoth, Whispers of Ghosts, Theomorphosys and X-17. As the title suggests the music in this compilation explores musical ambients with dark tones, some prehispanic sound elements and some electro.


I was asked to make an illustration of space and stars to be used as the background for the inner pages; this was all drawn using Photoshop. I also worked on the cover and general design of the album.

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Whispers of ghosts – The coldest place

The Coldest Place

This was the first album I designed which was a very interesting project. Whispers of Ghosts is the musical project of Israel Valladares – his debut album in 2008, “The coldest place” is an atmospheric album with neo-classical influences, full of dark ambients and imaginative landscapes inspired by nature and introspection.
whispers of ghosts, the Coldest Place

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