Черный призрак

Черный призрак (Black Ghost), Is part of a long time personal project, i have made many sketches of different mecha that i´ve been drawing for years but haven´t finished, now that i have been practicing more and improved a little in digital painting i will be working on other models and slowly will be posting more of these machines and parts of the story.
I made this original mecha design inspired by all the cool japanese robots from animation and videogames that i have seen since i remember, speacially, Macross, The five star stories and Gundam.Черный призрак

Arm structure

Kriegskellet Черный призрак is the main assault mecha used by Gaian Confederation to combat the remnants of the once almighty Koraz Empire, it was made with long and strong arms capable to handle many different types of weapons. It has been produced in great numbers and there are many variants specialized for every mission.

Mecha head

Чёрный призрак Box 1/100



Иулюс Mk. II

Battle armor Иулюс Mk. II
Battle armor Иулюс Mk. II

Reworked version of Иулюс Mk. II battle armor, i made this illustration some months ago for a calendar, some friends, designers and illustrators asked me to join to a collective, we´ve been drawing a lot and they decided to make a calendar so this is my work for the month of july, below you can see the sketches and details for the helmet and the process, all was painted in photoshop with normal brushes, i added some textures for detail, this has been a good practice and i learned a few things while making this illustration, the gun was drawn in a vector program and all textures and colour added in the final illustration.

Iulius final

iulius grayRifleHelmetdetail1detail2Armbocetosprocess1

Tlaloc Codex MMXIV

tlaloc3I made this Illustration for a T-shirt design contest, the design had to be a vector illustration limited to only five colours. I made a free interpretation of the aztec god Tlaloc, i drew this god as a woman and gave her an armor instead of clothes but i tried to keep some icons from the original representations, like the snake.


tlaloc sketchtlaloc vector tracingtlaloc eyestlaloc snaketlaloc earringtlaloc breasttlaloc glaze

Tlaloc  was an important deity in Aztec religion; a god of rain, fertility, and water. He was a beneficent god who gave life and sustenance, but he was also feared for his ability to send hail, thunder, and lightning, and for being the lord of the powerful element of water.



This is an old drawing, pencil sketch, colour added in photoshop.

Cansada y fastidiada de tanto trabajar, realizando conjuros y hechizos, esta pequeña bruja emprende un viaje para conocer mejor el extenso mundo en el que vive, entonces un día toma su escoba y sale volando desde su casa sin rumbo fijo, pero tras empezar la jornada se detiene en la luna, para contemplar el paisaje y sin darse cuenta se queda profundamente dormida.

Hice esta ilustración hace algunos años, primero hice varios dibujos del personaje a lápiz y después al elegir el definitivo añadí color en photoshop.

Mechanische Insekten

Mechanical·Insect Suprakymera Mk.II

I´ve been working on a short sci-fi story about a scientist that is trapped in a ship that is lost adrift in the outer space and the ship is infested with mechanical insects of unknown origin, as the ship travels the robotic insects slowly eat the ship and the scientist desperately looks for a way to survive.

So far i have made several illustrations in different moments, actually i started with one drawing and then the idea started to grow and take form, when i began to write i made some other sketches, here you can see some of them.

head detail   Mechanical insect trace InfrascorpioInfrascorpioHuman soldierDetailsuprakymeraHypermosquito


Drawing passionates me as much as listening to music, it is one of the main influences on my work, music is the most abstract of  arts, it takes me to different landscapes, real and surreal, future and past, takes me to the deepest of my mind were i can explore ideas, feelings, memories and forms and i try to translate that, as lines on a white paper were i have absolute freedom.

for some time i´ve been thinking in making a series of illustrations based or inspired by songs, i´ve choosen the album “Passage” by swiss band Samael, this is one of my favorite albums, it has a unique and great sound it´s an amalgamation of symphonic black metal and industrial music and beautiful lyrics that explores spiritual growth and knowledge, love, our link with the universe and all living beings, among other themes.

moonskin sketchI don´t have enough free time for working in this illustrations so i started with one, i choosed Moonskin because the lyrics are beautiful and powerful, my illustration is just a tribute to the song, my personal interpretation of what i imagined when i started drawing and listened to the song.

moonskin s5Passage is a very interesting metal album, heavy, rhythmic and beautiful, there is also a piano version of the album were you can listen  clearly to the complex melodies. Hope you like this drawing and also try to listen to the album probably you´ll find it interesting too, anyway life is about experimenting and try new things, share and enjoy.

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Earlier drawing of “the Witch” character, worked on this one two years ago but finally remembered to upload it. Pencil sketch based in an old photomanipulation i made about 6 years ago, scanned and coloured in photoshop, also i wrote this fragment of text as part of this series of illustrations.

mirage 3   mirage 2    mirage 5   mirage 4Full of stars

Full of starsMirage fullMirage IV-bw

“Particles of dust and electric blue rays of light, then green grass and crystalline drops of water, that was the first images that she saw, her deep blue eyes were finally open, her beautiful face was framed by her long black hair.

While she was standing up slowly, she felt like if all the ground was moving, alive, like if the whole grass mat was breathing beneath her feet.

Trees were moving as she walked, all the place was moving with the rithym of her breathing.

She was confused, in this world a place where its easy to get lost, falling into a deeper dream and get lost again in another dream, dreaming within dreams…”