There are many things that inspire me specially walking and listening to music, yesterday on the way back home i had the idea for this head, flat and with a triangular basic form and i had to put it on paper, i like the result but i will rework it while i design the whole mech. Unfortunately lately i´ve been so busy but whenever it´s possible i will to return to my mecha sketches.

ferkad mecha

I have many new ideas but also i want to finish some very old designs like this ones, i have around 50 designs that i made between 1994 and 2007, some of these guys have been waiting for a long time in the drawer.Old designs awaiting to be finished

Also i´ve been working on many new designs for mechs, i made a ton of sketches but can´t find time to work on them, taking some rest is good too and i have been watching some of the pictures i made in the last years, it´s great to take some time to watch them and live again with some memories, now i really want to  travel again, meanwhile i will share some pics from different places. And some model kits in progress.

It´s very interesting to build this Zaku F-2 from Gundam 0083, compared to old Gundam kits, this High grade model has so many details, proportions are corrected and mobility it´s improved a lot. Though i didn´t painted it yet, the model looks great, i will do it later but i wanted to see this guy completed.

Zaku F-2
1/144 Zaku F-2 HG
Yasenevo winter 2016


Dougram Gasahapon
Dougram Gasahapon figures




Free Calendar 2018

This is a FREE downloable collective Calendar for 2018, we sincerely hope you enjoy it. It was made by artists from different parts of the world, with the idea of friendship and collaboration without frontiers.

Here you can download individual desktop themes for your computer:

January “Japanesque” by Kenji Inoue
February “Suprakymera” by Víctor Yáñez
To the wonder
March “To the wonder” by Sergey Orlov
赤富士 (Red Fuji)
April “赤富士 (Red Fuji)” by Mayu Zoe
The look
May “The look” by Yann Creation
June “Peace” by Milton Northway
A good spirit
July “A good spirit” by Luiselis Mavarez
Portrait of Uliana
August “Portrait of Uliana” by: Taras Bilyk БiТЛ
Women's Day 2017
September “Women’s Day 2017” by: Debaditya Patra
Dog gentleman - autumn rain
October “Dog gentleman – autumn rain” by: Katya Sviridova
November “Wall-E” by: Galina Povhanych / Lissy Gale
December “Deidad” by: Erick Mares

And here a Complete PDF file

Calendar 2018

Thank you very much. And the best for the next year, please leave us a comment.

Convención nacional de modelismo México

These are some pictures I have taken in my visits to the scale modelling conventions in Mexico City. The pictures were taken in different years though you can always find very good jobs the diversity of models has increased.

As always aviation and armour are the more popular themes, followed by naval models and sci-fi (specially Gundam, Star Wars, Star Trek and Maschinen Krieger, i would like to see more Morta Headds but Five Star Stories is never popular). and off course there are many planes from the Mexican Air Force, like the F-5 and Pilatus.

Estás son algunas fotos que he tomado en mis vistas a las convenciones de modelismo en la Ciudad de México tomadas en diferentes años, siempre se pueden encontrar muy buenos trabajos y diversos tipos de modelos.

La categoría que suele tener mas participantes es la de aviación, donde destacan los aviones militares de diferentes épocas y escalas aunque también siempre hay un buen número de aviones civiles y no pueden faltar aviones de la Fuerza Aérea Mexicana.

En la sección de ciencia ficción es común encontrar modelos de películas como Alien, Star Wars, Star Trek y de anime como Macross, Gundam, Maschinen Krieger, Yukikaze, etc.


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My wife and i took these pictures during our last visit to Teotihuacán, this place is beautiful, no matter how many times i go there, the view of the pyramids is always breathtaking.


Piramide del solTeotihuacánIMG_8987


Teotihuacán “The place where men became gods” is a name given to it by the Nahuatl speaking Aztecs when they discovered the ruins centuries after the city fell. Teotihuacan was a pre-Columbian Mesoamerican city located near the Valley of Mexico, known today as the site of many of the most architecturally significant Mesoamerican pyramids built in the pre-Columbian Americas. Apart from the pyramids, Teotihuacan is also anthropologically significant for its complex, multi-family residential compounds; the Avenue of the Dead; and the small portion of its beautiful murals that have been exceptionally well-preserved.

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Monino, Museo de la fuerza aérea Rusa

One of my dreams was to visit the Monino Air Force museum, it wasn´t easy but was really cool to see all those clasic aircraft, in the museum one can see all the models of the Soviet and Russian Air Force, it was really inspiring to watch all those flying machines, a great experience for any aircraft enthusiats.

Estas son algunas fotos que tomé en mi visita a Monino, el museo más grande de aviación en Rusia, es un lugar muy interesante porque se pueden ver aviones desde los inicios de la aviación soviética hasta los más actuales cazas rusos, además de interesantes prototipos como el Yak-141 Freestyle y el Yak 36 Freehand , transportes como el An-22 Antei, diseños que dieron pie al desarrollo de los actuales máquinas de combate.

SU-33, Mig-29, Su-24
Mig-29, Su-33, Su-24

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Giger Bar (Chur)

DSC01310 copia

I took these pictures some months ago in my visit to the Giger Bar in the city of Chur, Switzerland,  the pictures are not really good but i enjoyed a lot being there, i have admired Giger´s artwork since i remember so it was incredible for me, to be there and experience that place, you can  find the famous Harkonnen chair originally designed for the movie Dune, also there are many interesting details and drawings all over the place but my favorite part was the intricate and beautifully designed metal plates in the floor.

Here you can read more about the bar and find good pictures.


DSC01335 DSC01333 DSC01318 DSC01304 DSC01332 DSC01312