Free Calendar 2018

This is a FREE downloable collective Calendar for 2018, we sincerely hope you enjoy it. It was made by artists from different parts of the world, with the idea of friendship and collaboration without frontiers.

Here you can download individual desktop themes for your computer:

January “Japanesque” by Kenji Inoue
February “Suprakymera” by Víctor Yáñez
To the wonder
March “To the wonder” by Sergey Orlov
赤富士 (Red Fuji)
April “赤富士 (Red Fuji)” by Mayu Zoe
The look
May “The look” by Yann Creation
June “Peace” by Milton Northway
A good spirit
July “A good spirit” by Luiselis Mavarez
Portrait of Uliana
August “Portrait of Uliana” by: Taras Bilyk БiТЛ
Women's Day 2017
September “Women’s Day 2017” by: Debaditya Patra
Dog gentleman - autumn rain
October “Dog gentleman – autumn rain” by: Katya Sviridova
November “Wall-E” by: Galina Povhanych / Lissy Gale
December “Deidad” by: Erick Mares

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Calendar 2018

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Черный призрак

Черный призрак (Black Ghost), Is part of a long time personal project, i have made many sketches of different mecha that i´ve been drawing for years but haven´t finished, now that i have been practicing more and improved a little in digital painting i will be working on other models and slowly will be posting more of these machines and parts of the story.

I made this original mecha design inspired by all the cool japanese robots from animation and videogames that i have seen since i remember, speacially, Macross, The five star stories and Gundam.


Chiornii prizrak-B

Kriegskellet Черный призрак is the main assault mecha used by Gaian Confederation to combat the remnants of the once almighty Koraz Empire, it was made with long and strong arms capable to handle many different types of weapons.

Featured in concept robots

Arm structureDetalles



Чёрный призрак Kit Box


Convención nacional de modelismo México

Estás son algunas fotos que he tomado en mis vistas a las convenciones de modelismo en la Ciudad de México tomadas en diferentes años, siempre se pueden encontrar muy buenos trabajos y diversos tipos de modelos.

La categoría que suele tener mas participantes es la de aviación, donde destacan los aviones militares de diferentes épocas y escalas aunque también siempre hay un buen número de aviones civiles y no pueden faltar aviones de la Fuerza Aérea Mexicana.

En la sección de ciencia ficción es común encontrar modelos de películas como Alien, Star Wars, Star Trek y de anime como Macross, Gundam, Maschinen Krieger, Yukikaze, etc.


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Носорог (Nasarok-Rhino)-(bipedal artillery)

I wanted to desing an artillery mecha, i had the idea in my head for some time and i tried with many different drawings, the main idea was to make a mech that looked like a tank or self propelled gun. I started working with some ideas in Mexico City but i made the definitive sketch during a winter i spent in Moscow, the snow and cold weather, big buildings and a lot of silence was a great source of inspiration.

I started one year ago but i didn´t have time for working with this illustration because many things happened in my life, each time i began working with it i had to leave for months before i had another chance to continue.

This is the Panzerskellet Носорог (Nasarok-Rhino), It´s a heavy artillery piece, a support unit. It´s main task is to provide heavy fire at long distances when attacking enemy postions or mech formations. Usually they work in groups of four machines to create a continuos barrage of fire, because the reloading time of the main cannon is very slow.

The Носорог is the biggest mech ever made so it is strong and heavily armored, but very heavy and slow too, it has to addopt a seated position to fire the cannon, hence it is vulnerable to an enemy attack at short distance.

While firing the main gun, two extra legs that are attached to the rear part of the waist, deploy to stabilize the mech. And also when firing in unstable ground the arms can be anchored with two big spikes. Moreover the long thin arms are used to load the ammunition in the field when the main gun is depleted.

Proto Nasarok, first concept, with two different type of radars inspired by airborne early warning systems.

Different versions of the torso and head, as well as details from the legs
Firing position

It is equipped with two long range radars and missiles, they can detect and destroy multiple targets at long distances both in the air or in the ground. But the Носорог has to be accompanied by escorts for defense at short distance, normally a squadron of Черный призрак go with this machines to the battlefield.

Носорог cockpit detail

The crew consist of three, pilot, navigator (radar specialist) and gunner , the fisrt two go in tandem seats and the gunner (commander) has a seat next to them. In the rear there is a toilet a small oven and a bed for resting during long missions. The cockpit of this lethal machine is protected by a very thick armor that has survived to direct hits from heavy cannons of enemy kriegskellets like the Svart Draken.

Final design, made with pencil in two pieces of paper



As usual all the sketching was made with pencil on paper, and coloring in photoshop and a few details in illustrator.

Panzerskellet Носорог Technical spec:

Height: 25 meters, Empty weight: 79 tons, Full combat weight: 139 tons. Crew 3, Armament: 60 cm cannon x 1, long range missiles x 16

Another sketches, exploring ideas of mechs with a big cannon and radar
My view from the balcony when i was working on this mech

Носорог 1/100 Model kit box
Носорог 1/100 Model kit box





















Svart Draken


The idea for this illustration has been around my head since 1994, i made the first sketch in 1995 and the forgot about it, until 2010, when i reworked the idea.

Svart Drake is the main combat mecha (Kriegskellet) of the Koraz Empire, designed to engage in combat with 2 or 3 enemy mechas simultaneously, for that reason it was made with four arms, so it can handle twice the weaponry compared to normal mechas, it has two fixed rapid fire plasma cannons in the main arms, and two smaller arms with manipulators to handle a variety of  weapons, like machine guns and rifles.

The cannons and the  powerful radar are optimized to take down enemies at large distances and the Svart drake is agile and fast to figth at short range, it is equipped with experimental techonologies like the thermo-chromatic skin covering the armor, that changes of colour automatically to camouflage itself with the surroundings.

Captura de pantalla 2015-09-29 a las 21.39.53The Svart Drake has many limitations too, it is not very resistant because the armor was sacrificed in order to make it fast, agile and able to carry many weapons. Another interesting feature is that a small flying drone can be attached to the back of the mecha, the drone can fly autonomously to search for enemies and send the information to the Svart Draken, so it can attack beyond visual range.

Svart Draken kit box
Svart Draken 1/100 scale kit box

Captura de pantalla 2015-09-29 a las 23.31.38 Detalles1 Detalles2 Detalles3 Proceso RodillaArmor



My wife and i took these pictures during our last visit to Teotihuacán, this place is beautiful, no matter how many times i go there, the view of the pyramids is always breathtaking.


Piramide del solTeotihuacánIMG_8987


Teotihuacán “The place where men became gods” is a name given to it by the Nahuatl speaking Aztecs when they discovered the ruins centuries after the city fell. Teotihuacan was a pre-Columbian Mesoamerican city located near the Valley of Mexico, known today as the site of many of the most architecturally significant Mesoamerican pyramids built in the pre-Columbian Americas. Apart from the pyramids, Teotihuacan is also anthropologically significant for its complex, multi-family residential compounds; the Avenue of the Dead; and the small portion of its beautiful murals that have been exceptionally well-preserved.

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Monino, Museo de la fuerza aérea Rusa

One of my dreams was to visit the Monino Air Force museum, it wasn´t easy but was really cool to see all those clasic aircraft, in the museum one can see all the models of the Soviet and Russian Air Force, it was really inspiring to watch all those flying machines, a great experience for any aircraft enthusiats.

Estas algunas fotos que tomé en mi visita a Monino, el museo más grande de aviación en Rusia, es un lugar muy interesante porque se pueden ver aviones desde los inicios de la aviación soviética hasta los más actuales cazas rusos, además de interesantes prototipos como el Yak-141 Freestyle y el Yak 36 Freehand , transportes como el An-22 Antei, aviones que dieron pie al desarrollo de los actuales aviones de combate.

SU-33, Mig-29, Su-24
Mig-29, Su-33, Su-24

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