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Hello, if you are interested in original illustrations, sketches and concept art of mecha, robots, aircrafts, spaceships, mechanical things, diagrams, i can work with you. Ask for prices, please if you are interested drop me a line to: or

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Falchion Cosmo fighter.
It’s very stimulating to try different ideas and get an interesting result. Named after a type of sword from around the 13th century, the Falchion is a space fighter with a big cannon and a powerful radar at the front. I always try to keep some kind of elements from real aircraft like the cockpit, landing gear etc. Even if it’s a spaceship that not necessarily needs aerodynamic forms or wings. With this drawing i just wanted to make a ship that have the feeling of those old video games of the 80´s, they were always so inspiring.


I received this set of Chiyogami paper as gift from a friend, it’s a beautiful paper with a nice texture and with inspiring beautiful colors.

Chiyogami is a type of Japanese paper with bright, intricate patterns, patterns that are printed with screen printing techniques, flowers, leaves, fans, recalling images of nature or family seals decorate this paper. It is thought that was created for the first time in Kyoto during the seventeenth century and was initially used only by the aristocrats and was considered a luxury but gradually spread to all social classes and appeared motifs based on the traditions and culture of Kyoto. Even today the Chiyogami is very popular in Japan and other countries.

The Chiyogami is very beautiful and there are many different types, each manufacturer has its own designs and constantly create new models, some are still produced using traditional techniques with woodblock prints by hand and others are made with modern techniques of screen printing,produced with playback machines stand out for very bright colors. The Chiyogami can be used for envelopes, packages, boxes or making dolls and origami figures.


Макс 2021 / Maks 2021

This is the first time i have the chance to visit an air show, it was very exciting, i have been waiting for this opportunity for many years.

I have seen all these types of aircraft many times on videos, photographs and scale models but watching them in real life is another story, the sense of scale and volume of these aircrafts is amazing, specially big fighters like the Mig-31. The sound of the engines is very powerful and breathtaking to see all those impressive maneuvers above your head.

It’s really a great experience and very recommended for any enthusiast of aircrafts in general and model kit builders, because you will have the chance to see the colors and forms of the aircrafts from a very close perspective and with a little of luck maybe you will have the chance to climb into the cockpit of one of them.

There were many military aircrafts, the Russian Air Force demonstration Squadrons, bombers and missiles but also many civilian machines like drones, airliners, transports and helicopters.

If you have visited my blog before, you know that i love taking photos of cities, aircrafts, spaceships and machines in general, they are a wonderful source of inspirations for concept drawings, and also is interesting and great to have the chance to enjoy events like this one. I hope i will have the chance to visit the MAKS once again in the future, for now i share some photos in general. Thanks for watching, visiting and commenting.

Orochi 大蛇

Orochi – Heavy command kriegskellet. New illustration finished. I made the sketch for this mech in 2003 and since then many things and moments of inspiration have happened. I finally decided to work on this one. Interesting to see how the result changed from the original idea i had back then.

Nueva ilustración terminada. Hice el boceto en 2003 y desde entonces han sucedido muchas cosas y momentos de inspiración. Finalmente decidí trabajar en este dibujo. Es interesante ver cómo cambió el resultado de la idea original que tenía en ese entonces.
Hope you like it.

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March of Robots MMXXI

I’ve been making more and more sketches with markers for March of robots #marchofrobots , I have some sketchbooks full with all kind of machines, drones, military machines, cyborgs etc. I enjoy very much making robots with markers and experiment.. Some of these drawings were made the last year and some this year because i don’t have enough time to make make all theses sketches in one month, i just keep drawing and drawing all the time but normally by night and i select my favorite ones for this moment. I hope you enjoy my designs. Thanks!

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Walking Tanks!

This a collection of sketches that i made last year, though some ideas come from drawings i made years ago and some others are new. These mechs are my ideas but many details were inspired by real tanks or military equipment.Inspiration comes from many things, i remember thinking about one of these mechs while i was walking on the snow on a very cold day. The pilot of the prototype was inspired by the pilot of an old Monogram aircraft model. The most important is to see these ideas come to life in these drawings.

Hope you like it. You can see more of my work here:





Illustration is a learning process, the more that each technique is practiced the better the result and the less time required to finish a project. In this case i took my time, i made the sketch in 1999 and started to make this illustration in last November, i made this one in between many other projects that´s the reason it took me so long, because i only had a few hours left every month for this one. During this time i changed my mind about the main colour and the background many times, i had time to experiment even though i imagined this particular mech in red since i made the sketch.

Alternate colour

Here are some images of the process, i tried different colours and also tried a background with clouds. I should learn more about landscape painting, i love to draw machines but i enjoy a lot watching nature and taking photos of landscapes. Walking and watching trees and plants is the best for imagine new drawings.

March of robots 2020

What a better excuse to draw more robots, mecha, cyborgs and so on… This is the second year that i decide to join the March of robots #marchofrobots , but this time i decided to fill a complete sketchbook with all kind of machines, drones, military machines, cyborgs etc. I enjoy very much making robots with markers and experiment. I´m trying new things, different ideas, making all kind of crazy mechs, also i have only a few markers, so my colour palette is very limited and it´s very interesting to mix those few colours in different ways. Already some sketches are interesting enough to work with them more. and add digital colour, textures and more detail. Here are some examples of the first pages.




隼 HAYABUSA, Ground combat mech.


I made the sketch for this mech back in 1997 and i forgot about it with other many sketches and finally found some time to put some colour on it. While working on this illustration i had in mind a military looking machine armed with giant gatling guns and equipped with many sensors and radar.

I always put a lot of time in details but lately i´ve been trying to speed up my work and concentrating more on the shapes, lights and shadows, anyway i kept as many details as possible to make it more interesting.