I made the drawing of this fighter aircraft some years ago and recently drew a space combat variant. I enjoy drawing sci-fi aircraft and mecha, as always watching real machines, aircrafts, spaceships and movies are my main inspiration.




Cosmos has always been so interesting to me, and watching spaceships and everything related to space explorations is very exciting, i had a great oportunity to watch the space shuttle Buran at the exhibition center Вднх in Moscow.

I took some pictures of the Buran, the Vostok rocket and a Yak aircraft. For me it´s a great source of inspiration to draw concept art of spaceships.

Watching them in person gives a sense of the scale of these awesome flying machines.


I´ve been making many designs of mecha in style of Heavy equipment for construction. I had in mind this Legged Forklift for some time. This is the first of three machines. here i share some images of the process from the sketch to the end.

Machine rendering 2, The book of iron

Recently Dopress books published Machine rendering volume two “the book of iron”. I am very  happy that some of my illustrations of mecha designs have been selected. it´s great to see my work alongside the amazing work of many talented artists.

The book is divided in two sections: Smart machines, featuring illustrations of robots and mechanical creatures and Engineer mechanics that feautures illustrations and designs of transports and machinery equipment.

Four of my designs were selected: the combat mech Svart Draken, the artillery mech Nasarok, infantry combat armor Iulius mk 2 and the light combat mech Manticore. You can find more illustrations and details of those machines in these blog on past publications.



T-43 Arashi


T-43 Arashi

When i was drawing this mech i had in mind to make a walking tank, the main inspiration was a mix of main battle tanks and armored vehicles.

T-43 Arashi it´s an old Panzerskellet that has served for about 70 years, and it stills fights to protect the frontier of an empire that exist no more, The T-43 is a true combat machine, heavily armed and armored, has proven to be a reliable mech and has performed very good even against modern kriegskellets, it is still in service thanks to modernization in weapons and electronics.

T-43 Arashi-back.jpg

T-43 Arashi-construction